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  • Save Bucks by Buying in Bulk: Two Ways to Use Wholesale DVDs

    For most of us, buying DVDs in bulk can seem a bit silly…until we start seeing the big picture. Many people think that the only customers who buy cheap DVDs via wholesale are the straight-edged entrepreneurs the world. The truth is there are many situations that would save you a truckload of bucks if you purchase cheap DVDs in bulk. Here are just a few opportunities for you to try:


    Organizing fundraisers can be stressful, especially if they’re non-profit. Regardless of your profit goals, staying under budget is an important aspect to every fundraiser. Wholesale DVDs can turn your fundraiser’s budget from stretched to liberal.  When you buy cheap DVDS online, you can create a wide variety of gift baskets by mixing and matching your purchases. Think genres: “A Girls’ Night In” with romantic comedies or “A Triple Feature” with three of your favorite Clint Eastwood action movies. Your guests are bound to take a chance on these prizes, making your raffle a total hit.

    Flea Markets

    Even if your booth is not completely devoted to films, eye-catching DVDs can draw in customers or simply fill in empty space. Regardless of what you normally sell, you can sell the movies for a profit by buying wholesale DVDs. Your DVDs can match your table’s theme (Smoke Signals for dream catchers or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for novelty license plates etc.), or even involve them in one of those beloved flea market deals: buy a necklace, get a DVD half price.

    In actuality, anyone healthily involved in his or her community can benefit from wholesale purchasing. There are countless moments when a group, organization, or friend could use a few extra bucks. Why not save those dollars and buy cheap DVDs online? Worldwide Liquidators has the prices, the resources, and the service to meet all your DVD bulk buying needs. We get new films in everyday, waiting to be swept up by you. So don’t wait; buy now!

  • Beat the Summer Heat, Buy Cheap DVDs Online

    When it gets hot, hot, hot this summer you may be looking for a fun, inexpensive way to beat the heat. If the pools are too crowded and a vacation is out of your budget, why not pop in a great movie and relax in the air conditioning?

    And if you’re sick of the same movie selection, try buying cheap dvds online. In many cases, it costs less to buy our movies than to rent them from your local video store. That’s because Worldwide Liquidators sells wholesale dvds at closeout prices. We buy these dvds in bulk straight from the manufacturer, so you can get them at remarkably low prices. But there’s a catch…once our titles are gone, they’re gone. So if you see something you want, don’t wait! Buy it now at a price you won’t see anywhere else.

    No matter what you’re in the mood for, Worldwide Liquidators has you covered. If you’re looking for something to keep the kids entertained try one of our movie multi-packs like the Princess Collection or the Kids Cartoon Pack Collector’s Set. And there are plenty more! Maybe you’re hoping to get in shape this summer but the sweltering heat is keeping you indoors. Try Jillian Michaels For Beginners, an instructional cardio and strength workout for beginners that works your back, buns and biceps. And in addition to our wide dvd assortment, we also carry CD assortments, general merchandise and previewed dvds.

    If you’re looking to buy cheap dvds online, look no further than Worldwide Liquidators. We have the widest selection of wholesale dvds you’ll find online. And we make it easy to buy with a convenient login and checkout system that even lets you save your favorite dvds to a wishlist. We look forward to providing you with top quality dvds at a great price. For more information, contact us today.

  • Purchase Cheap DVDs Online at Worldwide Liquidators!

    For those looking to purchase cheap DVDs online, there is no better place than Worldwide Liquidators. While some places may offer a select few DVDs at low prices, everything at Worldwide Liquidators is as cheap as can be! This is because we buy wholesale from the manufacturer and pass on these extreme savings to you. So you won’t just find one great DVD at a great price, you’ll find hundreds!

    If you’re in the mood for some comedy, why not try to the popular Comedy Central show Lil’ Bush? Featuring all your favorite characters from the Bush presidency as babies, this show will leave you laughing for hours! Or if you’re in the mood for something a bit more classic and a bit more thrilling, why not check out the 13 hours of film noir classics? These black and white beauties star some of your favorites, including Kirk Douglas and Mickey Rooney.

    But let’s say you want more than just one copy. Let’s say you are hoping to re-sell some of these, either online or at a flea market. Worldwide Liquidators allows you to purchase cheap DVDs in bulk, at such a price that you can make money re-selling them. Not only will you be able to build your own DVD collection with some great titles, you can make serious cash as well!  This is a great idea for someone looking to make money on the side or someone looking to work from home.

    So if you are looking to buy bulk DVDs, there is not better place to purchase cheap DVDs online than Worldwide Liquidators. With great titles, awesome selection, and unbeatable prices, we truly have everything! Start shopping today and take advantage of these deals because once they are gone, they are gone! So don’t wait, buy these great DVDs today!

  • Purchase Cheap DVDs Online

    If you’re looking for the place to purchase cheap DVDs online, Worldwide Liquidators is the site for you. Every day we’ve got a new deal at a great wholesale price. Browse hundreds of titles, most for under $5. No matter what type of movie strikes your fancy, Worldwide Liquidators has something perfect for you. You can also compare items or add DVDs to your wish list to purchase later.

    In addition to a wide variety of individual DVDs for purchase, Worldwide Liquidators offers bulk assortments at wholesale prices. Right now you can browse our clearance center and find 100 DVD wholesale lots for under $60. That’s less than $1 a movie! We’ve also got previewed; CD assortment and general merchandise sections. Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive updates on the hottest specials and newly added items.

    In addition to these unbelievably low prices, Worldwide Liquidators offers a diverse assortment of films from comedy and action to children’s and western, and no two DVDs will be the same! These DVDs can add a substantial selection to an already existing collection or be sold for a profit.

    Worldwide Liquidators makes it simple to purchase cheap DVDs online with our fast and flexible checkout system. We accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard and even PayPal. You can also create an account so that your information is stored and saved for future purchases.

    Questions? Contact us for more information!

  • Buy DVDs online for less than $2!

    If you’re looking to grow your movie collection, there’s no better way to do that than to buy DVDs online. With the freedom to browse by price, genre, or release date, you can be sure your DVD collection will remained stocked with fresh movies for your viewing pleasure.

    Why waste time and gas driving to the store when it is so convenient to buy DVDs online? And with our fast shipping options, those DVDs will be at your house in no time!  And because you get our wholesale discount, you can be sure that when you buy from Worldwide Liquidators, you’re getting the cheapest prices anywhere!

    But don’t think that low prices affect the quality of the DVDs for sale. Find movies for under $2 starring some of your favorite actors. With great movies starring such people as Beyoncé, Jamie Kennedy, Hank Azaria, and Bob Balaban, you’re certain to find many movies you’ll love for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

    And because Worldwide Liquidators has so many wholesale options, our movie options change daily.  As we say, when they’re gone, they’re gone.  So if you find something you like, get it now because these movies are flying off the shelves!  And then, when you’re done watching your newest collection of DVDs, come right back and see the new movies we have in stock!

    If you’re looking to buy DVDs online, look no further than Worldwide Liquidators!

  • Purchase Cheap DVDs for the Holidays!

    As the holiday season fast approaches, you may be looking for last minute gift ideas. Worldwide Liquidators has a wide selection of wholesale DVDs for ridiculously low prices. Find all the titles you’re looking for and purchase cheap DVDs online today!

    We’ve got a wide variety of genres to choose from, and there’s something for everyone on your holiday list. Browse through hundreds of films from heartwarming, romantic comedies to tear-jerking dramas. We’ve got the classic older films, hot new releases and everything in between.

    Worldwide Liquidators is perfect for those shopping on a budget, as most of our films are under $5. You can also check out the clearance section and DVD Deal of the Day for even more savings! Ordering online is simple and if you find something you like but need to buy later, just add it to your wish list and it will be there waiting when you return.

    You can purchase cheap DVDs on Blu-ray or in multipack sets in addition to traditional DVDs. We also offer previewed DVDs and CD assortments. And DVDs aren’t just for the holiday season, sign up for our newsletter and stay up-to-date with our specials and new release items.

    We’ve got all the titles you’re looking for at the lowest prices. Worldwide Liquidators is the place to purchase cheap DVDs.  Start shopping now!

  • Wholesale Movies $2.00-$3.00

    Who doesn’t love a great movie? Whether it is a heartwarming romantic comedy, a quirky independent film or a nail biting horror. Imagine having all your favorites right at your fingertips! WWLiquidators.com is where you can purchase cheap DVDs for less than three bucks! We buy our films from the top manufacturers at low, low prices when they closeout their wholesale movies. We buy these titles in bulk and offer them to you at clearance prices!

    We have a large selection of wholesale movies in stock so feel free to browse. We have plenty of new releases if you’re in the mood for something fresh, but we’ve also got all your favorite titles that you want to watch again and again. From exciting action adventure to suspenseful dramas and laugh out loud comedies, we’ve got the titles you love! If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, check back soon. We add new titles on a daily basis. When you see something you like, don’t wait! Once our titles are gone, they may not be back. Since our movies are sold at such low clearance prices, they never stick around for long.

    It’s easy to shop at WWLiquidators. Just find the movies you love and throw them in the cart! Create an online account for even faster checkout and order tracking. You can also make a wish list for titles you’re considering. Sign up for our special email alerts to receive deals right to your inbox.

    WWLiquidators is your one stop shop to purchase wholesale movies at closeout prices. Contact us today with any questions; we’d love to hear from you.

  • Buy Cheap Wholesale DVDs for less than $2

    Looking to bulk up your DVD collection? WWLiquidators.com offers wholesale DVDs for unbelievably cheap prices. You don’t have to spend $25, $15 or even $10 on your favorite titles. Buy cheap wholesale DVDs for less than two dollars!

    WWLiquidators purchases these DVDs from the top manufacturers who closeout a portion of their wholesale DVDs throughout the year. We buy these movies in bulk (100,000 or so) so that our customers can buy cheap wholesale DVDs.

    When you find a wholesale DVD you want, be sure and purchase it fast because these movies are significantly discounted and may not come back in stock! And don’t worry if you can’t find the movie you’re looking for, we get new wholesale DVDs in every day so check back soon!

    We carry a huge selection of titles so no matter what your favorite genre; we’re sure you’ll love what you find! Check out what’s hot in our new releases section. Browse through the classics if you’re feeling nostalgic. Get your heart rate going with something from our Sci-Fi, thriller or action adventure. Curl up next to the fire with a feel-good romantic comedy. We carry both multi-pack sets and a variety of DVD assortments. If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, check out our deal of the day, take a look at new releases or pick your price and browse through hundreds of films, many for less than $5!

    At wwliquidators.com, we try to make the shopping experience a breeze. Create your own account and get benefits like order tracking and faster checkout. Not ready to buy? Save items you’re interested in to your wishlist and come back later to buy! Receive email alerts about new items and special deals you won’t want to miss.

    Feel free to contact us with questions. We appreciate your feedback!

  • Buy wholesale DVDs for under $1!

    When you’re looking to improve your DVD collection, Worldwide Liquidators is the place to buy cheap wholesale DVDs. Most DVDs go for upwards of $10 or $20 dollars, but you don’t have to spend that much. Check out the great selection of wholesale movies at Worldwide Liquidators for under a dollar! Yep, that’s right. Some of our movies cost less than a buck!

    We purchase these movies from some of the top manufacturers when they close out a portion of their wholesale movies throughout the year. We buy these movies in bulk so that we can offer these wholesale DVDs to our customers at incredibly low prices.

    If you find a movie you want while browsing through the site, purchase it fast because you won’t find wholesale DVDs at these prices anywhere else.  If you can’t find the DVD you want be sure and check back because we get new wholesale movies in every day!

    Worldwide Liquidators has a large selection of titles to choose from so you’ll be sure to find the movies you love! Browse our new release section for what’s new or find an old classic that’s filled with memories. Get riled up with a riveting drama or fast-paced action adventure film. Get comfy and feel good with a heart-warming romantic comedy.  We have DVD assortments and multi-pack sets in stock for even bigger savings! If you need help finding the perfect film, check out the new releases, deal of the day or browse through hundreds of wholesale DVDs for under $5!

    Set up an account with Worldwide Liquidators.com and enjoy additional benefits such as order tracking. Create a wishlist of titles you want and get email updates about the latest wholesale movies available at Worldwide Liquidators.com.

    We look forward to completing your order. Please contact us with any questions and happy hunting!

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